Best Exercise for Weight Loss


Best Exercise For Weight Loss

Many people from all over the world need best exercise for weight loss. Doing exercise on daily basis is an effective and simple way to reduce weight. Different exercises play an imported role to give you a proper body shape. These exercises helps you to burn extra calories from your body. To be strong, physically fit, and getting into proper shape is very beautiful and amazing thing. It is desire and wish of most of the people in the world to lose weight in very short time. To achieve this all you need to do is to exercise properly and daily. Hare we are presenting you with some of the top class best exercise for weight loss.

1) Running


The first ‘best exercise for weight loss’ is running. It is simple and very top rated exercise that everyone should follow. For running you just need a pair of soft shoes. Running on daily basis is very helpful to burn calories from your body. You will get many advantages because of running. You will be getting stronger day by day. It will also keep you fresh all the day and you will feel relaxed. Half an hour running daily will definitely reduce weight. As it is an old saying that running keeps you young. Within few days you will getting into proper shape because of running. Running is the top class best exercise for weight loss, you must follow it. If you are best runner then its blessing but if you are not then make a habit of it. Because it is the outstanding way to reduce weight.

2) Tabata Training


Tabata training is very famous and is also known very well for fast weight loss. The intensity level is high in tabata exercise. The structure of the exercise is very simple you have to do 20 seconds workout, then take rest for 10 seconds, and repeat this process for 8 times. By continuously following this routine you will be able to reduce weight in very short time. This training will boost your heart rate, you muscles will be stronger and you will feel fit and tough. If you surely want to reduce weight, get flexible body, and also wants to improve your stamina then start tabata exercise. It is very simple to do tabata training. First you need to do four minutes of pushups, then give four minutes to bodyweight squats. After body squats give four minutes to burpees and at the last do four minutes of mountain climbers.

3) Cycling


It will be very unfair if cycling is not added in the list of best exercise for weight loss. If you have this facility available at your home then you are very near to burn calories. By cycling daily will give you an outstanding body that you wish in your dreams. You will not only able to burn calories but will also get strong legs. Cycling is well deserve “best exercise for weight loss”. You will get good body muscles and it will kill your body fats within days. After few days of cycling you will feel the difference. So it is very best exercise for weight loss.

4) Boxing


Boxing is one of the toughest and hard games to play in the world. Why not it definitely requires stamina and physical strength. Boxers are famous for their good body shapes. They have great strength and stamina. So we will recommend you to play boxing for some time on daily basis. It will burn your body fats very fast. You can achieve you goals with in no time by playing boxing. Boxing is not only best exercise for your weight loss but will also provide you a very strong and hard body.

5) Yoga


Yoga is one another best exercise for your weight loss. Experts suggest 10 to 15 minutes of yoga daily for perfect and flexible body. There are many ballasting uses and edges of yoga you will get. It is a pure guarantee that by doing yoga you will have a flexible body. After continuously practicing yoga on daily basis will help you easily reduce weight. It is also considered best for burning extra fats from the body. You must try this exercise regularly so that you can easily maintain your body.

6) Kick Boxing


In simple word kick boxing is an amazing and ‘best exercise for weight loss’. This tough exercise will teach you a lot specially self-defense. This top rated exercise will boost your stamina and will also increase you fitness levels. You will feel thriller and enthusiastic by doing kick boxing. You will be stronger day by day and will be energetic all the day. It will also surely increase your flexibility and will help you burn extra fats from your body.

7) Jumping Rope


Jumping rope is also an astonishing exercise to burn fats faster. After a little warm up or running you must attempt this exercise. It is very effective to reduce weight. By jumping rope for fifteen to twenty minutes will easily let you burn 200 calories daily. The other advantages include more stamina and perfect body shape. It is also very useful for human heart and mind. You will feel energetic and sound health all the day. It is the shortest and quickest way to reduce weight burn fats.

8) Swimming


If you want immediate and very fast results to lose weight then swimming is the best exercise for you. One hour of daily swimming will let you burn more than 800 calories that’s why it is the “best exercise for weight loss”. Swimming is very good for building strong muscles and strong body. Through swimming you can be safe from diseases. You will not feel stress and will also stay away from depression. You are step away from achieving smarter body. Try to learn swimming and make a habit of it, so that you can burn body fats.

9) Push ups


This is one another amazing exercise which you can easily perform at any time and at any place. This is the best known exercise to get strong body. It will also build your muscles strong and in proper shape. This amazing and easy to do exercise on daily basis burns fats easily and in huge quantity. Pushups also provides you strong shoulders. It will also save you from improper posture, which is very dangerous for your health. It also improves and enhances your cardiovascular system.

10) Running Up Stairs


Running is a good habit and very best exercise for reducing weight. Experts says that running on stairs burns fats dramatically. It is known as one of the cardio exercise by doing this you will get strong and healthy heart. It easily increases heart rate and also reduces your cholesterol levels. You will also feel high stamina and also high energy by doing this exercise.

11) Weight Lifting


Lifting some weight by daily going to gym is best for burning calories. The heart beat increases very quickly by lifting some weight so it is very effective and best exercise for weight loss. If you will give some time daily in gym and do some weight lifting games, it will not only reduce your weight but will also give you strong muscle body. It will also keep you away from muscle injuries which are very common now a days.

12) Boot Camp


If you really want an elevated metabolism the whole day, then boot camp is the top class exercise for you. It is an advance style of training which is very effective to perform. This cardio exercise will keep you strong and physically fit. If you really want to slim down quickly try boot camp for 30 minutes daily. It will give you a ballasting effects very quickly.

13) Dancing


At number 13 the best exercise for weight loss is dancing. You can be slim and smarter just by doing dance for 20 minutes daily. As everyone love to dance so it is not a difficult exercise to do. You can do this dancing exercise according to your taste and music flavor.

14) Eat Less


You must control your diet and eat less to reduce weight. Because it will have a huge effect on you to lose weight. Just eat to live not live to eat. Following this formula will also help you to reduce weight very quickly. Eating less will have a huge effect on your body so you must change your eating habits.

15) Reach ups


Most of the weight exist on belly, here we are presenting you with the best exercise to burn fats and lose weight. Reach ups will help you to achieve perfect shape body. You can easily achieve six packs body by doing reach up exercise. It is also the top rated best exercise for weight loss. Daily doing three to four sets of reach ups will give you outclass fit body. If you need best exercise for weight loss, hare it is reach ups is best for you to lose weight.

16) Front Rolls

Another high pressure exercise for you is front rolls. Today many experts recommend this exercise for fast burning calories. After doing some sets of this exercise will let you sweaty and will be very helpful for burning calories. You must try this top class exercise daily so that you get a slim and smart body.

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