Donald Trump Twitter brings him success or criticism?


Donald Trump Twitter brings him success or criticism?

Donald Trump twitter account is one of the main attraction for people all around the world. President trump think that his presidency is incomplete without his twitter account. Though he had very negative influence and is criticized by the people but he still feels good and comfortable by using it. President Trump is very famous of doing thing through his own style and way. Donald Trump twitter account has more than 40 million followers. This account not only has followers from America but also from different part of the world. The best thing is that he turned to his account after three days of winning presidency elections in 2016.

Trump has been always criticized of using his twitter account but he always keep defending it. And he considered it a very best platform to communicate with his followers.

What Donald Trump twitter account Brings?

Well you can say that it can surely bring some rewards and also some risks. The things that need to come on media it rather came on “Donald Trump twitter” account. President Trump feels it is a modern way of communication. Sometimes he tweets about business habits of few companies which bring good results, but sometime these tweets were not entertained well because of giving favor to them.

Trump has faced many tweets from others in which he has been ridicule. He has been teased because of his glitches and typos he made in his tweets. Donald Trump twitter account is also one of the main source of bringing headlines. His twitter account let many other people to use twitter account.

Tweets of Donald Trump Twitter account mostly brings controversies, and actions for others.

Donald Trump twitter account give many benefits to him

We will let you know how president Trump gets benefits by using his twitter account, these are as follows.

  • Being an American president there are huge responsibilities because America is one of the greatest country on earth. It is very easy for president Trumps to communicate with people.
  • He uses his twitter account to express his complete reviews about anything or any person.
  • It is the best platform for president Trump to address any kind of issues. He also gets massive response in return.
  • Donald Trump Twitter account is an essential tool for his penny-pinching campaign.
  • Many time he uses his twitter account if he had to attack on someone.
  • During his presidency campaign he feels he has direct access to communicate with his voters.
  • It is also a great source for Trump to attack on his opponents.
  • He speaks openly and bluntly in his twitter account.
  • It also makes it easy for him to promote his policies.

Donald Trump twitter account deactivated

It was in big news that Donald Trump Twitter account was deactivated for almost 11 minutes. Though it wasn’t identified in the start that what happened at that time. It was not responded quickly by twitter because they though it is human error. But scenario ended on a rogue employee, who tries make President Trump twitter account off the service. He did it on last day of his job in twitter.

President Trump was unable to tweet in that specific time. To ban Donald Trump twitter account peoples have made many calls to twitter. But twitter responded it well and put the same rules for trumps account as for others.

The reason why people want to deactivate twitter account is because he use this account to threaten others. Which is against the rules and regulations of twitter. The company did not like of blocking ‘Donald Trump twitter’ account because this account is very helpful for company. His presence on this social media is almost of worth $2 billion for the company in terms of market value.

What do you think about Donald Trump Twitter account brings him success or criticism? Post your comment below.


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