Top 15 World Tasty Recipes


Top 15 World Tasty Recipes

Love for tasty food recipes is a natural thing that exist in every person in this great world. Today the tasty recipes of the world is one of the main reason for people to travel around the world. The reason why these are the top 15 world tasty recipes is because they are made with care and love. Every culture and nation in the world has its special food and best recipes. Here we are presenting you with few of the world tasty recipes.

1)     Khao Pad Fried Rice  (Thailand)

Thailand is place of producing spicy and delicious recipes. Khao Pad is one of its delicious recipe which is made with marinated chicken and rice. It is the best recipe that is served in lunch. This typical dish is served with few slices of cucumber. It also makes it more tasty and delicious.

2)     Neapolitan Pizza, Italy

Italy is a country which provides world famous tasty pizzas. Neapolitan Pizza is one of them which is very famous in all over the world. The ingredients of this pizza are tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. This pizza is generally small in size about 12 inches in size. It is made at severe high temperature about 900 F for only 90 seconds. Tourist from different part of the world must try this pizza.

3)     Sushi, Japan


Japan is the country not only producing world top class cars. They are also excelling is the field of cooking. Sushi is a recipe that comes in the list of world tasty recipe. This is the easy recipe which is made sea foods, vegetables and is served with rice. Brown rice or as well as white rice can used while preparing Sushi.

4)     Khadi Kabab, Pakistan

Pakistan is the country rich in culture and also has tasty recipes like khadi kabab. This is definitely the world tasty recipe as it is made under ground. The whole lamb is filled with rice in it and after that it is cooked for 3 hours under ground. The best part of this recipe is that it is served for 12 to 15 persons.

5)     Bunny Chow, South Africa


South Africa is the country known for wild animals in the world. Bunny Chow is an easy and simple recipe which is very famous in South Africa. The hollow bread is filled with tasty and spicy curry. The curry can be of beef, mutton or also can be vegetables curry. The recipe is originated from Indian community living is South Africa.

6)      Rendang, Indonesia


Rendang a spicy dish which is made with fresh quality beef. It is also known as traditional Asian dish which also enhances its flavor and taste. This tasty recipe is made with best ingredients like garlic, lemongrass, chilies, turmeric and many more. You must try this spicy recipe whenever you get a chance. You will definitely enjoy it.

7)     Massaman Curry, Thailand

People call this massaman curry a king of all curries. Why not this tasty coconut recipe is made with great flavors. You should try this world delicious recipe at home or when you are at Thailand. It is made with chicken, beef or can also be made with lamb.

8)     Shish Kebab

This is another world tasty recipe which is made with meat of your choice. You can use chicken, beef of can also use lamb to make this worth eating spicy dish. This amazing and tasty recipe can also be serve with rice and also with fresh vegetables. It is the top class dish for your barbecue to with your family and friends.

9)     Poke, US

Here it is world greatest country is also famous for producing world known dishes like poke. It is an appetizer which is a tasty salad. It is a raw fish salad which is very tasty to eat. Sometimes it is also served as regular meal.

10)  Lasagna, Italy

It is another Italian food in the list which is very near to pizza. It is very spicy recipe which is very liked by many persons. This layered pasta dish is filled with cheese, jar, noodles and eggs. These ingredients make it very tasty and spicy to eat.

11)  Fajitas, Mexico

Fajita is traditional grilled meat and is famous world tasty recipe. These spicy sandwich is very tasty to eat and also very satisfying. Hence they are also in the list of world tasty recipes.

12)  Chili Crab, Singapore

Chili crab is one of the best seafood dish which is very famous in Singapore. It will also be very unfair if this tasty recipe is not added in the list of world tasty recipes. This recipe is made with variety of ways. The ingredients are hot chili paste, tomato ketchup, tamarind paste, peanut oil and also many more things which makes is very spicy and tasty.

13)  Biryani, Pakistan

A simple Pakistani biryani is not only famous is Pakistan but also in various part of the world. It can be made with chicken, lamb or can also be made with beef. There is special masala made for this world tasty recipe known as biryani masala. Today this is top rated dish in Pakistan to eat. It is very color full to watch which makes it more eaten dish in a country.

14)  Chana Masala, India

One of India’s top spicy dish is Chana Masala. It is an Indian subcontinent spicy recipe which is very delicious and tasty. It is a dish which is also very popular in Asian countries. Its ingredients are tomatoes, garlic, mango powder, onion, garam masala and also other spicy ingredients which make it more spicy and tasty to eat.

15)  Kabuli Palaw, Afghanistan

Kabuli Palaw is a dish that is originated from north Afghanistan. This tasty is dish is very popular in all afghan and pathan community. The specialty of this kabuli palaw is that it is made with basmati rice which is top quality rice in the world. This fabulous dish can be made with chicken or lamb but mostly it is made with beef. It is not only popular in Afghanistan but also popular in different part of the world. It is also served with beans grabby which enhances its taste.

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